Using Cordova Phonegap

We develop mobile applications using standard web technologies - HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with cordova phonegap.

Adobe’s PhoneGap platform enables to create an app that runs on a variety of mobile devices. eSceneric accomplishes this largely by writing the user interface portion of application with Web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. PhoneGap cordova development tools then bundle the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files into platform-specific deployment packages. PhoneGap supports a wide variety of platforms:

    •     iOS
    •     Android
    •     Windows 8
    •     Windows Phone 7 and 8
    •     BlackBerry 5.x+
    •     WebOS
    •     Symbian
    •     Tizen

We creates user friendly mobile applications for all platforms.

Using Cordova Phonegap

Our Values

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