What are Schema markups, Why these are important for any website?

Importance of Schema Markups in 2017 Search Results??

Schema/ Microdata?

Schema.org is a project sponsored by some of the world’s biggest search engines Companies Like: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Yandex. They have agreed on a standardized set of data tags that help users provide additional information on their content, so they validate easily with poof of contents. By adding them to your HTML, you can greatly improve the way your pages look in search results.

Hope you heard about rich snippets, also may be you had created from Schema markup. They are meant to provide additional information for the content that pops up in your search results.

Why should you care about it? Well, let’s talk about it for some benefits of Schema’s how they matters for any one.

What are the SEO Benefits of Schema.org Microdata?

Schema markups or microdata are added in the important html elements. Starting from header, body, footer, content and sidebar, there will be different markups.

The search engines crawl all these microdata to determine which element is about what. It is said that schema.org microdata explains what the contents mean, not just the name. So no doubt this is the best choice for se to understand a page like a human.

Adding these markups will make your site more semantic than others. That’s mean you site will be most prominent. So there is a sure fire chance to rank higher.


Rich Snippets Help Your SEO in 2017

As mentioned in the beginning, rich snippets are a good investment into your SEO efforts. While they don’t actually boost organic search rankings, they do help with traffic generation by increasing click-through rates.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Users get more important information such as how other people rate a recipe or product, which influences their decision to click on a search result.

Rich snippets are also a way of distinguishing yourself in the SERPs and gain more clicks without having to improve your ranking. At the same time, with more clicks, you might still move upward over time. That way, Schema markup can still help with organic traffic indirectly.

(Also, Google has hinted that in the future structured markup could become a ranking factor. For that reason, it might be a good idea to start using it now.)


What Types of Schema Markup Are Available?

Hope you can understand the value of Schema tags in 2017 will be more for onsite SEO process. There are loads of schema tags and you can see a full list on Schema.org. However, it is not necessary to know all of them since, for example, Google only supports a chosen few.

Here are a few examples of what types of Schema you can add to your web pages:

  • Breadcrumbs — Show the position of the page inside the site hierarchy with a breadcrumb trail.
  • Sitelinks Searchbox — Provide a search box underneath the search result to find additional information on your site directly from the SERPs.
  • Sitename — Display your preferred website name in Google.
  • Corporate Contacts — Add contact information directly to your page’s search snippet.
  • Logos — When you add your official logo via schema, Google might use it in the search results and in Google Knowledge Graph (the field on the right that sometimes shows actor profiles etc.).
  • Social Profile Links — Include social presences in Google.
  • Articles — Mark important information such as title, images, publishing date, description, and more. Anyone using Yoast SEO should be familiar with this already.
  • Courses — If you are offering courses on your site, you can list their title, author, and description.
  • Music — Show artist, description, images, homepage links, and more. Google is also testing links for direct streaming.
  • Recipes — Among others, you can add reviewer ratings, preparation times, and nutritional information.
  • Reviews — Possibility to provide reviews and ratings for local businesses, books, and movies. Can contain publisher, language, author, and more.
  • TV & Movies — Provide a description, trailer video, image, cast, director, duration, ratings, and more. Experimental feature: links for direct watching.
  • Videos — Can be used to show a description, thumbnail, upload date, duration, view count, and other information.
  • Local Businesses — Show opening hours, links to departments, possible actions (such as making a reservation), address and contact information, coordinates, and other info.
  • Events — Show the type of event, venue, start date and door time, special offers etc.
  • Products — Product price, availability, review ratings, brands, and more.
  • Science Datasets — Provide data like average rain fall in an area or other statistics.

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